Donald Trump lavishes praise on Queen Elizabeth


London: US President Donald Trump has lavished praises on Queen Elizabeth II as he arrived on a three-day visit on Monday. Trump described her as a great woman.

The British monarch hosted a banquet in the honour of US President. He sat down to a littering dinner with the British royal family in the Buckingham Palace ballroom. The UK has rolled out a red carpet for Trump.

According to reports, the warmth was not shared by all as mass protests were planned for Tuesday. The opposition political figures have boycotted the banquet as Trump’s trip started with a spat between him and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The British monarch said Britain and the United States had built post-war international institutions for “nations working together to safeguard a hard-won peace”. She stressed that the two nations have shared their heritage, strong cultural links, and strong economic ties.

The British sovereign earlier welcomed Trump and his wife Melania with a military guard of honour on a day filled with ceremony and personal touches. The US President seemed to be enjoying the visit as he has taken to Twitter during his downtime, reports said.

The day, however, began with controversy as even before his plane touched down London, President lambasted Khan. The London Mayor compared Trump with 20th-century fascists. Trump, in return, called him a “stone cold loser” who had done a “terrible job” as London mayor.

Reports said the US President’s visit comes at a difficult time for Britain as Theresa May is due to step down as prime minister within weeks over Brexit row.

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