Medical negligence at VIMSAR: HIV+ surgical tools used for treatment


Sambalpur: Allegations have surfaced that HIV-contaminated surgical equipment was used for performing dental surgery of three patients at Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR) in Burla.

According to sources, on October 14 an HIV positive accident victim of Angul district was admitted to the surgery ward at VIMSAR for treatment.

The victim was later brought to the dental department for necessary treatment. The patient’s surgery was performed by doctor Prashant swain with the assistance of two hospital attendants.

However, it was alleged that despite being mentioned in the medical report of the patient that he is an HIV affected patient. Neither Swain nor the attendants have sterilized the equipment after the surgery, rather they used the same equipment for treating other patients.

Besides, as per the rules of the hospital, the surgery ward where an HIV positive patient is being treated is kept closed for sterilization immediately after the patient’s surgery. Moreover, the surgery are always performed on Saturday and the ward kept closed till Monday.

However,  it is alleged that Swain and the attendants have violated the hospital rules and performed the patient’s surgery on Monday.

On the other hand, terming the allegations as rubbish, Swain said the equipment was separated after treating the HIV Positive patient.

Responding to the matter, Hospital Superintendent Jayashri Dora, stated that after treatment of HIV positive patient the operation theater (OT) is kept closed for 24 hours to make the room and equipment bacteria-free.

However, Dora said that she has no information whether the OT at VIMSAR was kept closed or not after the treatment of HIV affected patient.

Meanwhile, a detailed probe has been demanded by the relatives of the patients who were treated in the dental department.

Sources said after the matter came to fore, the OT of the VIMSAR has been locked for sterilization which has affected health care services in the hospital.

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