Do You Know About Chilblain? Here’re Its Symptoms And Home Remedies

New Delhi: The minimum temperature has dipped in many places across the country. People adopt various ways to cope during winter like wearing warm cloth, applying moisturisers to using heaters. But even after taking every possible precaution, people fall prey to winter-related issues. One such issue is chilblain.

Chilblains are usually small, itchy swellings on the skin that are caused by the inflammation of tiny blood vessels due to exposure to cold air. Also known as pernio, perniosis, chilblains are painful and appear swollen and red or occasionally blue in colour.

Although medical treatment is available for this disease, they can often be dealt with at home. Here are some ways to deal with chilblains at home:

If there is a burning sensation and itchiness in your hands and feet due to cold weather, keep them inside the blanket and let them warm for a while. This will help reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels and help in reversing the condition at a slow and steady pace.

The second way is to apply lotion or moisturiser (non-fragrant) to your hands and feet. This will help in restoring your skin’s moisture, and the skin won’t itch and swell anymore.

The third way is to apply mustard oil and lightly massage your hands and feet with it. Add 5 peeled garlic cloves to the oil and burn it, until the cloves turn black. Let the oil cool for a bit, and then apply it lukewarm on your skin. Make sure you gently massage your hands and feet. Aggressive massage might cause inflammation to increase.

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