DJ Azex had love affair with three young women!


Bhubaneswar: Even as the death of DJ Azex aka Akshya Kumar Maharana shrouded in mystery, another shocking fact has come to the fore. According to reports, DJ Azex had lured not only one but three young women into a love trap.

He also used to romance with them separately. When they came to know about this, they started a WhatsApp group together and tried to expose him.

This WhatsApp group was opened by three young women who were cheated by Azex.

The three women used to chat on the group regarding the DJ. Azex was talking about how he had trapped them in love. The three young women had gathered to unmask him. While one of them has been questioned, the remaining two women will be quizzed soon, the Kharavela Nagar police said.

His last call with his girlfriend came to the fore. He had spoken to her before committing suicide. He disconnected the call after talking for 97 seconds. Then, his girlfriend made a video call. But DJ did not pick up the phone. He is suspected to have ended life by the time.

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