‘Divine Fabric’ book released by Minister Padmini Dian


Bhubaneswar: Minister Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts Smt. Padmini Dian today released book entitled ‘Divine Fabric’ by Raja Parija in the official chamber of honorable Minister at Lok Seva Bhawan today evening along with the senior officials of Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts Department.

Odisha is a traditional Tasar producing state since time immemorial. Tasar, which is grown and nurtured by the pristine tribals and weavers. Flawlessly by the traditional weavers of the state has created a brand image worldwide ‘Odisha Tasar’.

Today Odisha Tasar is the happening destination of fashion. The most interesting fact about Tasar, traditionally called ‘Mathaa’ in Odia culture it is also called ‘Amlan Vastra’ signifying that it never fades.

Tasar Culture, a branch of sericulture is an agro-based activity. It provides livelihood support to thousands of Tasar farmers of the State out of which also 95% are tribals. Tasar Culture in Odisha has been contributing significantly towards the promotion of the handloom sector.

Sri Raja Parija, Director (S.C) ST & SC Development Department, author of the book had the privilege to deal with the sericulture sector of the State. After seeing the entire life cycle of Tasar Cocoon produced at the process of weaving Tasar fabrics out of raw Cocoons by the traditional weavers. It encouraged him to document the glorious Tasar tradition of Odisha.

This is perhaps the first comprehensive book on Odisha Tasar which gives an insight into its historical background. Tasar tradition from soil to fabric and its foray into the contemporary fashion world. It will benefit the textile scholars, fashion designers, students, craftsmen, tourists, and general readers.

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