‘Dis’Qualified MP’: Rahul Gandhi in his Twitter bio


New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi on Sunday updated his Twitter bio and added ‘Dis’Qualified MP’ in the description two days after he was disqualified as a Lok Sabha MP following his conviction by a Surat court in a 2019 defamation case. The former Wayanad MP displayed the ‘disqualification’ as a badge of honour on his social media account which is followed by 23 million people. on a day his party launched a day-long satyagraha protesting Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification.

Now, description of his Twitter account mentions about his membership of the Indian National Congress along with ‘Dis’Qualified’ membership of the Parliament.

During his press conference, Rahul Gandhi, had said that PM Modi was scared of his questions on Adani and that the democracy was under attack.


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