Dhoni Opens Up About Story Behind The Number 7


Chennai: Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni has been using 7 as his shirt number right from his international debut in 2007 and the legend of the number has grown over the years.

During an event hosted by the India Cements–‘Witness the #PowerOf7’, Dhoni opened up about the reason behind him choosing No. 7, ruling out any superstitious angle to it.

“A lot of people initially thought that seven is a lucky number for me. Initially, it was for a very simple reason, I was born on the seventh of July. Seventh-day of the seventh month. That was the reason rather than getting into what number is a good number,” MS Dhoni said.

“I said I’ll choose my date of birth and then people kept asking me. So, I kept adding to that answer. 7/7 and then again, the year is 81. 8-1 is 7. It was a very neutral number. What people kept telling me, I absorbed it. When other people ask me, I give the answer accordingly,” he said.

“Seven is a neutral number, it doesn’t go against you. So, I added that also in my answer. I’m not very superstitious about it but it’s one number that is close to my heart. So, I’ve kept it with me,” he added.

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