Dhanu Sankranti 2022: Sun transit in Sagittarius


Bhubaneswar: Dhanu Sankranti marks the day when Sun enters in the Sagittarius sun sign or Dhanu Rashi. As per Vedic Astrology, Lord Sun is considered to be a very powerful planet. Sankranti occurs every month when sun changes its position and travels from one sun sign to another. This Sankranti symbolizes the beginning of the auspicious Dhanur Maas. Dhanu Sankranti is going to be observed on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Pausha i.e., December 16, 2022.


Dhanu Sankranti has a great importance in Hindu religion and Lord Surya is worshipped on this particular day. This is the month when sun travels from Scorpio sign to Sagittarius sign. The month of Pausha is considered to be one of the most pious month. All religious and spiritual activities can be done in this whole month. People visit holy places and take a dip in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Shipra.

Its Effects

For Sagittarians, Sun is the lord of their ninth house in the horoscope. Sagittarians will feel extremely energetic and enthusiastic during this month. This will be fortunate month for the Sagittarius sun sign people. Their desired wishes will be fulfilled in this month. The lord of this house is Jupitar and when Sun will transit in this house then it will be more favourable for them. Sagittarians are likely to visit holy places and may go on pilgrimage. Those who are facing troubles in their career or work, this transit will benefit them. They may find new opportunities in their career.

If we see overall planetary position then it will be good for all the people. People would feel relax and calm during this period of time. Those who are depressed for a long time, will get rid of their problems.


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