DGCA Imposes Rs 10 Lakh Fine On ‘Go First’


New Delhi: Airline operator Go First has faced the music after one of its flights took off leaving 50 passengers at Bengaluru airport.

The aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Friday fined the company Rs 10 lakh for the reason.

On January 9, a Go First flight bound for Delhi left the Bengaluru airport leaving behind over 50 passengers who were waiting in a shuttle bus for boarding.

Some passengers took to social media and said that a bus full of passengers were not allowed to board the Go First flight from Bengaluru to Delhi. The flight, numbered G8 116, departed at 6:40 am on January 9, leaving the passengers behind, according to reports.

Go First declined to comment on the incident. However, in response to one of the tweets, the airline had asked users to share their details and said they regretted the inconvenience caused.

Ticket holders took to social media to vent their anger.

Earlier, DGCA had issued a show cause notice to the airline operator following the incident.

DGCA in its statement said that “multiple mistakes” led to the incident. “… in the instant case, multiple mistakes such as lack of proper communication, co-ordination, reconciliation and confirmation have resulted in a highly avoidable situation.”

“The airline failed to ensure adequate arrangement for ground handling, preparation of load and trim sheet, flight dispatch and passenger/cargo handling,” DGCA said in a statement.

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