Devi Dwar tourist spot in Banki cries for attention

Banki: The Devi Dwar tourist spot in Banki-Dampada block, 30 km from Bhubaneswar, is a rare place of attraction for tourists during winter.

The magnificent place of tourist attraction comes under the jurisdiction of Gayalabanka gram panchayat. This tourist spot is full of biodiversity and vibrating with flora and fauna. A visitor to the site will be greeted with rare species of wildlife.

Devi Dwar

The sight of dancing peacocks, frolicking deer and jumbos is a feast to the eyes of tourists who land here to get the glimpse of these species.

Devi Dwar

Secretary of Centre for Rural Tourism Development (CRTD) Lalit Mohan Panda said this Devi Dwar has the potentiality to offer cottage, water sports and fishing apart from other facets of tourism. He said the government should develop Turtle Island in the middle of river Mahanadi as an important spot for tourists from abroad.

Devi Dwar

The 400-year-old Maa Siddha Ramachandi Thakurani temple is an iconic one as devotees make a beeline to the place. Panda said CRTD and Ama Banki have jointly urged the tourism and forest department to develop this site for tourism.