DEO Assures Action If Private Schools Do Not Follow Fee Cut Rule


Bhubaneswar: While the Odisha government has ordered private schools to cut fees by 15% in this academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the financial situation of several families, few schools are not following the rules.  

Though the schools have signed a MoU in this regard to follow the Orissa High Court verdict and implement the waiver as per the agreed terms stated in its notification dated January 19, 2021, few educational institutions are flouting the order. 

Following this, District Educational Officer (DEO) has warned the school that strict action will be taken if the rules are not followed.  

Following Odisha Abhibhabak Mahasangha’s (OAM) complaint, schools in Khandagiri, Kedargauri, and Satyanagar schools found a loophole and introduced a new income source as ‘Task Slab’.  

After being aware of the complaints, Khurda DEO chaired a meeting and expressed her dissatisfaction regarding this.  

As a month passed since the meeting, the DEO has again shot a “warning” letter to the schools flouting the rules. 

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