Dengue Outbreak In Sundargarh: 64 Test Positive

Sundargarh: The number of dengue cases is on the rise in Sundargarh district, with a total of 64 individuals testing positive for the disease. Among them, 57 cases are from Rourkela city, 2 from Birmitrapur, and 5 from other parts of the district.

Reports indicate that sector 14 of Rourkela has been designated as a hotspot zone due to the high number of patients in that area. The district administration has identified this sector as a high-risk zone and has taken measures to sanitize the area and keep it under surveillance.

The sudden increase in dengue cases in Rourkela has raised concerns, with 14 sectors in the city now identified as hotspots. The health department is ramping up testing and surveillance efforts to contain the disease. Residents are urged to take necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites and to promptly report any symptoms to the authorities.

Currently, seven patients are receiving treatment at the Rourkela Government Hospital while others are being treated at private hospitals.

The district health department is closely monitoring the situation and has assured that all necessary measures are being implemented to curb the spread of dengue.

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