Delicious Seasonal Fruits You Must Try


New Delhi: Seasonal fruits and vegetables have a tremendous amount of nutritional benefits and can result in great health. So, don’t waste any time and make a note of all the seasonal foods and load your kitchen and fridge with them! Here are a few local seasonal fruits you need to try!


Watermelon is one of the juiciest seasonal fruits in India, grown in the summer season. There are numerous varieties of fruit you will find in the market. Watermelon’s pulp is rich in Vitamin A, helping both the eyes and the skin. Vitamin B6 present in the watermelon can increase the immunity power of your body immensely. It is one of the most important summer season fruits in India. A tall glass of juice, a mocktail served chilled in an insulated tumbler or a fresh salad, watermelon is just delicious in all its forms.


Mango is the king of fruits grown in summer. As the season progresses, you have different variations of this fruit in India like the Alphonso, Himsagar, Kesar mangoes, Chausa mangoes, Langra, Safeda, etc. This particular fruit is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Both increase your body’s natural defense mechanism amazingly.


Fig is one of the all seasonal fruits in India. Fig has a different texture, making it one of the most exotic seasonal fruits. The chewable texture is due to the high fiber content of the flesh. Lastly, you can enjoy the crunchiness of the seeds embedded deep inside the fruit.


Dates are is extremely beneficial and used in different recipes to enhance the food’s flavour. You can find several varieties of dates in India, making it one of India’s most preferred seasonal fruits throughout the winter season.


Apples are suggested by many doctors, thanks to their numerous health benefits. You will see different apple varieties in the market for both the red and green species.

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