Delhi Mayor Elections: Huge Ruckus At Civic Centre; AAP, BJP Councillors Clash With Each Other


New Delhi: A huge ruckus was witnessed at Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) meeting today before the commencement of voting for the Delhi Mayor elections, regarding the swearing-in of nominated councillors.

As per reports, AAP and BJP councillors clashed over the appointment of 10 aldermen by Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena as the first meeting of the newly elected Municipal Corporation of Delhi House began on Friday.

The meeting began with BJP councillor Satya Sharma being administered the oath as presiding officer for the elections to the posts of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) mayor and deputy mayor.

AAP members said elected councilors should have been sworn in before the nominated members.

The clash follows a series of confrontations between AAP and the Lieutenant Governor, who is the Centre’s representative in Delhi and reports to the Union Home Minister.

AAP and BJP workers shouted slogans in the middle of the Civic Centre. In visuals, members were seen pushing each other and some were seen falling to the ground.

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