Delhi cops use face recognition software to nab criminals


New Delhi: The Delhi Police identified and tracked down three criminals using the facial recognition system recently.

The technology allows them to match people captured on camera with those on databases.

A police team noticed the trio travelling on a motorcycle without masks or helmets in Pitampura area recently. When they were stopped, the bikers said that they were patients and were going back from the hospital.

Upon being asked to show their identity cards, they pulled out a pistol and pointed it towards the cops. Then, the trio damaged two police vehicles and sped away.

Later the police procured feed from as many as 150 CCTV cameras and sent it to the officer of crime records to ascertain the identities of the three bikers. With the help of the face recognition software police could find out that one of the bikers was a notorious snatcher, identified as Amit.

After identification, a police team from Maurya Enclave Police Station tracked down and arrested Amit and his two associates- Tarun and Sunil within hours after they dodged the cops near Pitampura.

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