Delhi Bans Storage, Sale, Bursting Of Firecrackers During Diwali

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New Delhi: In view of the worsening condition of Delhi’s air pollution during Diwali for the last 3 years, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday announced a complete ban on the storage, sale, and bursting of all kinds of firecrackers in the national capital during Diwali.

Taking to Twitter, the Chief Minister said: “Just like last year, there will be a complete ban on storage, sale, and bursting of all kinds of firecrackers this year too, in wake of the situation of pollution in Delhi during Diwali in the last three years.”



Kejriwal also appealed to the traders to avoid storing firecrackers as they suffered heavy losses last year.

The Delhi CM further said, “Last year the ban was imposed after the traders brought their firecrackers stock which caused them heavy loss. It is an appeal to all the traders that this time in view of the complete ban, do not do any kind of storage.”



This year Diwali will be celebrated on November 4th.

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