Defence Minister visits North-South Korea Demilitarised Zone


Seoul: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has visited Demilitarised Zone between North and South Korea. This is known as Joint Security Area (JSA), a small neutral camp.

The JSA is used by the two Korean nations for diplomatic engagements and has witnessed numerous significant events since its establishment in 1953 after the end of the Korean war.

Singh, taking to his twitter said: The efforts by the US and North Korea towards the denuclearisation is  “positive”. India has always supported all efforts in bringing about peace and stability on the Peninsula.

Singh further tweeted:”We in India have always supported all efforts to bring about peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and its denuclearization through dialogue and diplomacy. The US-DPRK Summits and the Republic of Korea- DPRK Summits have been positive developments in this regard”.

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