Dedicated work-force has helped in smooth conduct of Khelo India Youth Games 2020


Guwahati: With the people of Guwahati rejoicing the sporting extravaganza that is the Khelo India Youth Games 2020, the organizers have been hard at work with a total of 588 officials involved in catering to the food, accommodation and transport of all the athletes, technical officials, support staff and delegates involved in the third edition of the competition.

Out of the 588 officials involved in Guwahati for the past two months, in order for the smooth conduct of the Khelo India Youth Games 2020, 388 have been brought in from across India, while the other 200 officials have been hired locally.

BVG India Limited, India’s largest integrated services company, have been involved in providing transportation to about 6580 athletes, 1100 technical officials, 1800 support staff and other delegates from 37 states and Union Territories across India. Both arrivals in and departures from the city, along with daily transport to and fro between all hotels and all the venues, was taken care of. Providing conveyance to the participating masses has been possible with the use of approximately 700 dedicated vehicles including buses, mini-buses, Sumos, Innovas, Travellers, etc, with the VIPs provided with hatch-backs and sedans. With the objective of being environment friendly, electric cars and buses were also used during the 13-day event.

An event of such magnitude also involved the occupancy of close to 160 hotels around the city which were chosen keeping in mind the vicinity, distance, and facilities from the eight different venues – providing comfortable stays and live kitchen to the participants of the Khelo India Youth Games 2020. Along with transportation and accommodation, catering for about 7500 people on average every day of the event – the figure rising to 11000 on peak days. All sporting venues also have live kitchen, and the menu has been planned in such a way that it covers all types of cuisine from around the world. Another effective and positive initiative undertaken during the Khelo India Youth Games 2020 was to provide NGOs across the city with food that was left-over at different venues.

On a daily basis, close to 450 liters of milk, 1400 kgs of chicken, 800 kgs of fish, 700 kgs of rice, 3000 pieces of egg, 20000 pieces of fruits, and 275 kgs of paneer was used during a single meal. Similar quantity was used by the caterers for every meal of the day across the 13 days of the event.

BVG India Limited’s Associate Vice President, Gautam Chheda, spoke about the various factors involved in organising the Khelo India Youth Games 2020, and why it has been such a success, “With over 10000 people involved in the Khelo India Youth Games 2020, there was a need for us to plan and execute our daily jobs precisely, and make sure that we were always ready for crisis situations as well. There were a few challenges for us this year as the event was being organised at a time when the beautiful Bihu festival is celebrated in Assam, but we still managed our drivers and kitchen staff in a proper manner, and successfully organ

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