Decor Items To Be Kept For Good Luck

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New Delhi: We all want extra luck in our lives. There are plenty of time-honoured traditions believed to bring you good luck and banish bad energy from your space. We’ve picked some items you should have in your home for good luck and fortune.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are a great way to add beauty to your home and also bring positivity, peace and happiness. Metal wind chimes are perfect for the north, the west and the northwest areas of the home while wooden ones are best-suited for the southeast, the east and the south areas.

Fish aquariums

Decorating your home with aquariums can bring life to your living space. According to Vastu Shastra, placing fish aquarium at home is a way to rectify many Doshas. It is also beleived that aquariums tend to reduce stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety.

Three-tier tortoise for your health and luck

Tortoises have a strong shell which protects it from outer calamities. Tortoise have a long life and hence a huge family. The tortoise one upon another symbolizes increase of dynasty, successful living, and good health. This item is a must-have for your Vastu.


In many parts of the world, elephants symbolize strength and wisdom, and an elephant with its trunk turned up is a sign of good luck. Keep an elephant figurine near your front door to protect your home, or accessorize your family room sofa with a throw pillow that depicts an elephant for positive energy and good fortune.


Often mounted near a doorway or used as a knocker, the horseshoe has long been a favorite lucky charm for homeowners. Different cultures have different reasons for this belief; some think that the iron in a horseshoe wards off spirits, while others hold that the number of nails used—7—brings good luck. Hang it in a U shape so the luck never runs out, or hang it pointing downward so the good luck will fall onto all who walk beneath it.

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