Decision on plying of buses after consultation with dist wings: Debendra Sahu


Bhubaneswar: The secretary of private bus owners’ association Debendra Sahu has said that the decision on plying of vehicles will be taken after consultation with district wings.

Sahu said the government has been making confusing statements over the issue. He said the SRC Pradeep Jena on Sunday announced that the government has allowed plying of buses with sitting capacity. The transport minister, a day earlier, has said that the buses should ply with fifty per cent of its capacity.

He said the association will arrive at a conclusion after due deliberations with the district wings on the issue. The secretary of  State bus owners association demanded that the government must waive bank loans and extend the EMI period up to six months.

As the bus owners are going through hardships due to lockdown, the government must come to their rescue. Therefore, a decision as to when private buses will be on the road will be decided at the meeting of bus owners association of state as well as district, Sahu added.

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