DC Comics announces new Superman is bisexual!

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Washington: DC Comics announced Monday that its new Superman will come out as bisexual in the upcoming issue “Superman: Son of Kal-El” #5, by writer Tom Taylor and artist John Timms.

The comic book will feature Jon, the son of Clark Kent, beginning a relationship with a male reporter, Jay Nakamura.

For those unfamiliar with the current cannon of DC Comics lore, there are two heroes operating as Superman. One is Clark Kent, who originally debuted in comic books in 1938. The second is his and Lois Lane’s son, Jon Kent. Essentially, Jon spent some time as Superboy before his father recently convinced him to take on the title of Superman as well.


Tom Taylor, the current writer of the DC Comic series, said the newest iteration of the Man of Steel will come out as bisexual in an upcoming issue hitting comic book shelves on Nov. 9.

Taylor posted a drawing of the superhero and his new love interest on social media.

“Today, our #Superman, the strongest superhero on the planet, comes out as bisexual,” Taylor wrote.

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