Davos trip was funded by business friends: Pak PM


Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said his Davos trip was funded by two business friends. It was the cheapest up to 10 times than other visits, he added.

He said the trip to attend World Economic Forum (WEF) was sponsored by two of his friends and well-known businessmen Ikram Sehgal and Imran Chaudhry.

Thanking Sehgal, a retired military officer and chairman of the Pathfinder Group, Khan said he was instrumental in getting him to Davos. “Otherwise, I would not have burdened my government to pay a sum of USD 450,000 for two nights,” said Khan.

This is perhaps for the first time that expenses of a Prime Minister’s official travel have been covered by private citizens or businessmen. Khan called this as an “austerity programme”.

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