Daler Mehndi’s ‘Darega Corona’ message to countrymen


A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to take the lockdown seriously, popular Bollywood singer and performer Daler Mehndi appealed to the people in his own inimitable style.

In a video released, he was seen making an appeal to the people that the PM has appealed to keep social distancing. Reacting to people coming out on streets he said it is “aa bail mujhe maar” (inviting trouble at your doorstep).

He also said in the video that a lot of people are struggling with Coronavirus and are dying. “There is no medicine as yet for it and it will take time for it. So don’t deal with it in a casual manner by stepping out of your homes.”

Agar aap chahte ho maut ko bulana. Chalo aap nikalna chahte hain, hamari taraf se nikaliye. Jab aap jayenge toh corona le kar aayenge, ek aadmi mare to alag baat hai, aap bahar jayenge ghar mei le aayenge toh aapke saath saath poora kunba udd jayega. Isko seriosuly lijiye aur ghar ke bahar na nikaliye.

If you want to invite death. We will allow you to go out but when you will go out you will bring Corona with you. One person will not die as you will bring it in your family and everyone will get affected. Take this seriously and do not go out of the house, said Mehndi .

In the end he was seen singing few lines to boost the morale of everyone:

“Hum Jitenge Milengi Badhiyan

Hum Jitenge, Han Hum Jitenge

Milengi Badhiyan

Aur Darega

Corona Corona

Oh! Log Kahenge

Surma! Surma! Surma! Surma!”

We will win and people will congratulate, We will win, definitely, we’ll win; appreciation will pour in, And Corona will get afraid; and people will say ‘leader, leader, leader’, the singer stated.

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