Daitapati Servitors Perform Raj Prasad Bije Niti Ritual At Srimandir


Puri: The Raj Prasad Bije Niti ritual was held at Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri on Saturday after Daitapati servitors visited Rajaprasada.

After the ritual, which was held this afternoon, the Daita Sevakas took Karala Chandan of the deities to Raj Prasad on a silver platter.

They informed Gajapati Maharaja that the sibling deities are cured now. They also informed him about Rath Yatra and Gupta Niti to the Maharaja.

As per the schedule, the Dwara Phita ritual was held at 4 am today. Then, Mangala Arati, Mailam, Abakasha Niti, and Rosha Homa rituals were held.

Dwarapala puja was held at 6.45 am, following which, Gopala Ballabha puja, was held. Sandhya Dhupa, Mailam, Chandanlagi, Badasinghara Besha, Badasinghara Bhoga will be held in between 5 pm and 8 pm.

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