Cyclone Titli opens new mouth at Chilika lagoon


Chilika: The very severe cyclonic storm Titli, which triggered heavy rainfall across Odisha on it landfall early in the morning, has also opened up a new natural mouth at the Chilika lagoon near Arakhakuda which is likely to affect at least 15 villages nearby.

According to available information, fear gripped the villages near Arakhakuda as wind speed of around 70 to 80 kmph was reported in the area. Along with this, two villages have been inundated in water affecting scores of locals.

Earlier last month, the cyclonic storm ‘Daye’ also opened up a sea mouth around 2.5 kilometres north from Arakhakuda. This mouth was about 180 metre long and about 3-4 metre deep.

Notably, Chilika had three mouths way back in 1971 when a super cyclone struck the state. After that, multiple active mouths have not been noticed. In fact, even after the 1999 Super Cyclone, no new natural mouth was created.

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