Cyclone FANI: Know the status of relief & restoration in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: The concerted efforts of the Odisha Government and the sincere co-operation of the people have resulted in bringing respite and normalcy in the areas affected by Cyclone FANI

The collective endeavour of different Departments—Housing and Urban Development, Panchayatiraj & Drinking Water, Energy, Health & Family Welfare, Forest & Environment, Revenue & Disaster Management—have brought about remarkable improvement in the life of the people affected by Cyclone FANI.

Besides, restoration work is being carried out at a fast pace. Assessment of damage in agriculture and other sectors is being continued and special package has been announced and thus work in similar line is going on. Day in and day out effort is accelerated for energy restoration work in Puri district, most affected by Cyclone FANI. More than 50,000 consumers have been supplied with electricity in Puri district, the Odisha I&PR department said in a press note today.

Relief Distribution

In Puri district 95.61 % and in Khurda 99 % of beneficiaries have received the cash component. The percentage of such beneficiaries in Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Cuttack, Ranapur Block area of Nayagarh Dist and BMC have been 95%, 99.31%, 97.9 %, 93.6% and 87.4% respectively. 96.7 %, 99%, 97.34%,

98.6%, 98.5 %, 92.2% and 81.9% beneficiaries in Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Cuttack, Khurda, Ranapur Block area of Nayagarh and BMC respectively have been provided with rice. 93.8% beneficiaries in Puri district have been given Polythene or cash in lieu of Polythene while the percentage of such beneficiaries has been 87.4%, 86.4% and 81.8% in BMC, Khurda and Ranapur Block. Similarly, 90% of beneficiaries have been disbursed additional monthly pension in the affected districts and the percentage of such beneficiaries in Khurda, BMC, Cuttack, Puri, Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur has come to 94%, 64.3%, 99%, 84.2%, 97.5% and 98% respectively.

Health Services

Health and Family Welfare Department is taking all out measures for health services and awareness campaign in the affected areas. 46 nos of medical relief centres are functioning in Puri while 20 doctors and 200 District Multipurpose Health Workers are deployed to provide immediate health services in the affected GPs of Puri and Khurda. More than 1,62,526 nos of open water sources have been disinfected by now and more than 22,037 sanitation and cleanliness drives have been undertaken by the Gram Kalyan Samitis and other NGOs. More than 28 lakh 55 thousand ORS sachets and around 37 lakh Halogen tablets have been distributed among the cyclone affected people.

Banking Services

As on today,  Bank branches operational in Puri, Khurda, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Ganjam and Kendrapara are 94.59 %, 98.93%, 99.49%, 97.56%, 99.77% and 100% respectively, while ATMs functioning in Puri, Khurda, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur,  Ganajam  and  Kendrapara  have  been  41.45%,  80.49%,  82.75%, 84.13%, 100% & 87.72% respectively.

Power Restoration

Remarkable achievement has been made in Cuttack, Khurda, Jagatsinghpur and Kendrapara district, so far as power restoration is concerned. All the consumers in Cuttack CDD-I division have been supplied with power connection while in CDD-II, 68,101out of 69,031 consumers have been connected. In Cuttack CED, 71200 urban and rural consumers out of 95,599 have been given connection. Till date, 95% of electricity consumers in Cuttack district have been provided with electricity.

While connectivity to all the consumers have been completed in Bhubaneswar BCDD-I Division, in BCDD-II and BED Division, all rural and urban consumers have been provided with power connection. Power Supply in Khurda district has reached up to 94% till date.

All the feeders in JED Division of Jagatsinghpur have been operational and 1,06,215 consumers out of 1,16,215 connected with power in Jagatsinghpur district, which is 95 %. In Paradeep PED, all 24 feeders have been activated, enabling all consumers of this division to get electricity connection.

In Puri, all out effort is being made to restore electricity as early as possible. Till now 18 feeders out of 56 and 12 feeders out of 28 in PED and NED Division respectively have been operational.


Relief Operation:

Distribution of relief materials among cyclone affected people is continuing on war-footing basis.

Cash component:

Puri District 95.61%
Khurda District 99%
Kendrapada District 99.31%
Cuttack District 97.9%
BMC 87.4%
Jagatsighpur District 95%
Ranapur (Nayagarh Dist) 93.6%


Rice component:

Puri District 96.7%
Khurda District 98.5 %
Kendrapada District 97.34%
Cuttack District 98.6%
Jagatsinghpur District 99%
BMC 81.9%
Ranapur(Nayagarh Dist) 92.2%


Polythene or cash in lieu of polythene:

Khurda district 86.4%
BMC 87.4%
Puri District 93.8%
Ranapur(Nayagarh Dist) 81.8%


Additional Monthly Pension:

Puri District 84.2%
Khurda District 94%
Kendrapada District 97.5%
Cuttack District 99%
Jagatsinghpur District 98%
BMC 64.3%



No of Medical Relief Centres (MRCs) functioning in Puri




No of Water Sources disinfected 162526
No of ORS sachets distributed 2854947
No of Halogen/Chlorine Tablets distributed 3702402
No of cleanliness drives initiated by GKS/others 22037
Bank Branches operational
Puri, 94.59 %,
Khurda, 98.93%
Cuttack, 99.49%
Jagatsinghpur, 97.56%
Ganjam 99.77%
Kendrapara 100%


ATMs functioning

Puri, 41.45%,
Khurda, 80.49%
Cuttack, 82.75 %
Jagatsinghpur, 84.13%
Ganjam 100%
Kendrapara 87.72%



  • In Cuttack Electrical Division CDD-1 – 100 per cent.
  • In CDD-II about 68,101 consumers out of around 69,000 consumers have been supplied power.(99%)
  • In Cuttack CED division around 71,200 rural and urban consumers have been provided power connection out of 95,600. (74%)
  • In BCDD-I, 100 percent of consumers have already been covered.
  • In BCDD-II, 100 percent of rural and urban consumers have been given power supply.
  • In BED, 100 percent of rural and urban consumers have been given power supply.
  • In Jagatsinghpur Electrical Divn. JED, 43nos. of feeder out of 43 have become operational and hence 106215 consumers have been provided with electricity connection out of 116215.(95 %)
  • In Paradeep (PED) division, All 24 feeders have become operational while all consumers have been provided with power supply(100%).
  • In Puri (PED) out of 56 feeders, 18 have been made operational.
  • In Nimapada (NED) out of 28 feeders, 12 feeders have been operational.
  • In BED, BBSR, 4 feeders out of 4 have become operational.
  • In KED, Khurda, 5 feeders out of 5 have been made operational
  • More than 50,848 consumers of Puri District have been given power supply till date. Effort is on war footing to normalize the power supply in Puri District.

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