Cyclone ‘AMPHAN’: Report On Restoration And Damage Assessment Released


Bhubaneswar: The Super Cyclonic Storm ‘AMPHAN’ passed along the coast of Odisha and crossed the West Bengal coast close to Sunderban in the evening of May 20.


  • Due to the impact of the cyclone 10 districts of Odisha (Balasore, Bhadrak, Kendrapada, Jagatsinghpur, Mayurbhanj, Cuttack, Jajpur, Keonjhar, Khordha, and Puri) have been affected. Four of them (i.e. Balasore, Bhadrak, Kendrapada and Jagatsinghpur) have been affected more severely.
  • 9833 no. of villages, 1558 Gram Panchayats in 92 Blocks and 272 Wards in 22 Urban Local Bodies have been affected in 10 districts
  • 44,44,896 population have been affected in the above mentioned districts
  • 8,72,049 livestock have been affected.
  • Due to the impact of the cyclone about 500 numbers of houses have been fully damaged and 15000 numbers of houses got partially damaged.
  • 28 Large Animals, 9 Small Animal, and 3680 Poultry birds perished.
  • No confirmed cases of human casualty reported so far.


  • About 2,00,346 people were evacuated to safe shelters.
  • 210 Mobile Medical Teams have been deployed in the affected areas for providing
    immediate medical assistance to the affected people.
  • 75 Veterinary Teams have been deployed in the affected areas for ensuring animal
  • 79 no. of Veterinary Doctors and 310 no. of Para-Vets and Attendants engaged.
  • 32 no. of animal health camps have been organised and 1242 no. of animal treated. 900 no. of animals vaccinated.

Damage Assessment and Restoration:

  • House damage enumeration is going on in full swing and expected to be completed by 26.05.2020.
  • All Officials of Government engaged in damage assessment and restoration activities are not allowed to avail any public holidays till the assessment and restoration works are completed.


  • As per preliminary damage assessment of power infrastructure 34 km of 33 KV lines, 453 km of 11 KV lines, 680 km of LT lines and 2439 number of Distribution Transformers have been damaged.
  • 85 % of the affected consumers have got back power. Restoration is in full swing and complete restoration is expected by 23rd May 2020.Telecom Sector:
  • 4930 no. of telecom sites are fully/ partially damaged in Balasore, Bhadrak, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapad and Mayurbhanj districts.

90% of total mobile sites have already been made functional.


  • About 1 lakh Ha. of all crops area damaged. Assessment is going on and is expected to be completed by 26.05.2020.

Drinking Water:

  • No major damages have been reported.
  • 93 % PWS already operational with power supply restoration in rural areas.
  • Power supplies to all affected PWS are expected to be restored by 23rd May 2020.
  • However, water supply with alternate power system is already going on and as
    such all consumers are getting water supplies.
  • 81 no. of water tankers also engaged for drinking water supply.
  • In urban areas power supply has been restored to 376 pump houses out of 401 affected due to the cyclone and 25 no. of DG sets are being engaged for the remaining pump houses to ensure continuous water supply. 55 no. of water tankers are also engaged for providing drinking water.


  • As per preliminary reports 14 no. of boats fully damaged, 41 boats partially damaged and 41 no. nets fully damaged.

Forest: As per preliminary reports

  • 4000 trees uprooted in Cuttack/Balasore (WL) Division.
  • Uprooting of 2000 numbers Casurina trees occurred in Astarang Range.


  • 2592 no. of fallen trees removed and all 290 no. of blocked RD roads have been cleared.
  • 151.05 km lengths of Roads/ Embankment have been damaged and 42 no. of CDs/ Bridges damaged.


  • As per preliminary reports received from Panchayati Raj & DW Department 646 no.of Anganwadi Centers, 1552 no. of Primary School buildings and 298 no. of GP Buildings and Community Hall have been damaged.

Deployment of Disaster response forces:

  • 19 NDRF teams, 12 ODRAF teams, 156 Fire Service teams and 02 teams of OFDC have been deployed in the affected districts for clearance of supply lines.

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