COVID Vaccination: People Over 60 Yrs Of Age To Be Allowed To Self-Register


New Delhi: People above 60 years of age will be allowed to register and choose where they can be vaccinated for Covid-19 from March 1, said an official.

The self-registration for the vaccine will happen in the CoWin app. As per the health ministry, the app will provide an option to the users to choose their date and location of the vaccination site and the beneficiaries will also be able to use the app to update their age from what is reflected on the last electoral roll.

The upgraded mobile application designed for the vaccination drive will allow the users, who are travelling, to pick a different centre if needed for the second dose.

The second phase of the vaccination will also include armed forces and police personnel. Earlier, the government had decided that people over 50 would be allowed to register. But it has since decided to prioritise those over 60 as they are at a greater risk.

“The government wants to prioritise those at risk, so first those over 60 will be allowed to register,” said an official. “There is a pool of around 20 crore [200 million] individuals.”

The official added the Aadhaar will not be mandatory for registration.

Vaccination certificates will be made available across government platforms such as Co-WIN and DigiLocker. The option to register on contact tracing app Aarogya Setu is also likely as the platforms will be integrated, according to an internal note circulated on Co-WIN.

The official added that the application would soon start providing real-time updates, including the number of people vaccinated daily.

The official added up to five members from one family can register on one account and get vaccinated together.

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