COVID Surge: Puri Admin Imposes Restrictions For Cremation At Swargadwara


Puri: As Covid-19 tightens its grip on several districts across the State, the district administration here has imposed restrictions for cremation at Swargadwara, the ‘divine’ crematorium of the holy town.

As per the restrictions, people from outside Puri will not be allowed to cremate the mortal remains of their near and dear ones at the ‘Swargadwar’ crematorium. This will come into effect from January 10.

However, the local residents of Puri were allowed to cremate bodies at Swargadwar.

The Swargadwar cremation ground is considered auspicious as it is believed that the deceased person directly goes to heaven from here. The very name- “Swarga” means heaven and “dwar” means gateway, so literary Swargadwar is considered as the ‘Gateway to Heaven’.

As per general belief, the idea among Hindus is to end their life in this holy place of Puri to go to heaven for liberating their soul and ultimately salvation, an official said.

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