COVID-induced lockdown reduces accidents to 25 per cent in Kolkata


Kolkata: The West Bengal capital witnessed a 25 per cent drop in accidents in the year 2020 following coronavirus induced lockdown and shutdowns.

The city police traffic department said that there were a total of 192 fatal accidents in the city in 2020 leading to 201 deaths. In 2019, the capital city had witnessed 260 fatal accidents with 267 people losing their lives.

The city police said the lockdown has had a huge role to play in the numbers reducing as roads were empty in busy metropolis.

Media reports said private cars and taxis were mainly involved in the fatal accidents last year while a large number of victims were two-wheeler riders.  Out of the 192 fatal accidents that took place in Kolkata over the course of the year, 124 occurred after the lockdown was lifted. The megapolis was in complete lockdown from March to May.

Police sources said the traffic police remain committed to reducing the number of road mishaps in 2021 by taking safety measures and analysing the causes of these accidents.

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