Union Health Secy brushes aside allegation of erratic COVID vaccine supply to Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan today has refuted the allegations of erratic supply of COVID vaccine to Odisha. He said there is no discrimination between states.

Responding to the letter of  PK Mohapatra, Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Health & Family Welfare Deptt, the Union Health Secretary said a total of 34,46,760 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been supplied to Odisha till March 27. A total of 21,67,956 eligible beneficiaries were vaccinated which translates to consumption of nearly 22,97,43 doses resulting in a balance of 11,49,329.

Bhushan said the situation is being reviewed daily and added that the allocation of the vaccine was based on the progress of vaccination in all States/UTs including in Odisha.

“In the last 3 days, a total of 2,07,229 beneficiaries were vaccinated resulting in a daily average vaccination rate of 69,076 beneficiaries. Notwithstanding the available stocks, an additional supply of 5,48,250 doses has also been further allocated which is expected to reach the state on 28 March,” the letter of Union Health Secretary added.

He said the arguments of discretion and erratic supply of vaccine made in the letter of Heath ACS PK Mohapatra is not tenable.

Bhushan reassured that COVID vaccine stocks will not be a limiting factor for the acceleration of pace of vaccination in Odisha. He added that adequate quantities of vaccines will be provided to the state based on continuous review.

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