COVID-19: Orissa High Court To Have Restricted Functioning


Cuttack: In view of the rising trend of COVID-19 infection, the Orissa High Court and its offices will continue to have restricted functioning with the following arrangements until further orders.

As per an HC order, filing of new cases, as well as interim applications and documents in pending cases, shall be done either through e-filing portal or by e-mail as per the prevailing practice or in the event of urgency by dropping in the drop box from 10.00 A.M. to 01.00 P.M.

Filing through E-filing Portal: In this mode, filing may be done through E-filing portal which can be accessed through e-filing link in the Court’s Website. Video Tutorials (Both in Odia & English), User Manual and Notifications and Guidelines which are available under the e-filing link of the Court’s Website for guidance may be referred to. In the event of any technical difficulty relating to filing through e-filing portal, learned Counsel may contact: 

1. Mr.Ashok Mallick – 9437870873

2. Mr.Sujit Ranjan Sahoo – 6371185569

3. Mr.Subharanjan Mantri – 9778260318

4. Mr.Ashish Kumar – 6201227600 B.

Filing through e.mail: In this mode, filing may be done by sending a soft copy (preferably in scanned PDF format) of the applications and related documents through e-mail at ID:

Applications and documents sent through any other mail ID shall not be acted upon. In the event of any technical difficulty relating to the filing by e-mail or delay in registration of new cases or interim applications filed through e-mail, Learned Counsel may contact 

1. Shri Prabhakar Eiehura – 7008171144

2. S. Subash Chandra Sar – 8763644022

Filing through DropBox: In the event of urgency, if any difficulty is faced in e-filing mode/e-mail mode, filing may be done through dropbox kept in the Court premises from 10.00 A.M. to 01.00 P.M. If a case is filed through dropbox on the ground of urgency, a memo containing the nature of urgency has to be attached with the file. All concerned are requested to avoid congregation while submitting files in the dropbox and to strictly maintain social distancing.

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