COVID-19: BMC Starts Sero Surveillance


Bhubaneswar: In order to know the immunological status of the community and high-risk groups, the Civic Authority has started Sero Surveillance for Covid 19 in Bhubaneswar today.

As RMRC (ICMR) Bhubaneswar provides the technical support of the surveillance. The surveillance is being conducted according to the Covid -19 Guidelines, says Commissioner Prem Chandra Choudhary.

As per the strategy finalised there will be random sample collection from different high-risk groups and community members like- Immuno-compromised patients, health care workers, Security personnel, Press Corps, Municipal workers, Drivers, Prisons, Shop keepers/ vendors, Airport workers, Urban Slums, Migrant Camps and Containment zones.

About 25 wards have been chosen for the purpose. The designing of sample collection has been made based on the categories of high-risk groups. The teams will be visiting the people for the testing. In each ward, one cluster has been chosen.

The surveillance will be completed in two rounds. The first round will take around 10-12 days whereas next round of surveillance will start after 28 days of first-round as per technical mandate. The exact date will be decided later.

Presently in the first round, 5 teams have been formed taking lab technicians. In each team, there are around 7-10 members.  The teams are guided by RMRC personnel.  On 11th and 12th July, samples will be collected from community members.

As estimated roughly about 1600 samples will be collected from high risk and slum pockets and 900 from community members. So in the first round, a total no of 2500 samples will be collected which is technically decided.

The wards selected under three zones are- 2,4,7,14,17,19,27,29,32,40,42,45,54,56 and 59 on 11th July 20  and 09,12,22,24,35,37,48,51,62 and 65 on 12th July 20 will be covered by the team members.

Concerned ward Officer under ZDCs will be guiding the team to find clusters.

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