Couple arrested for killing, eating 30 people in Russia


Moscow: A couple in Russia have been arrested for allegedly drugging, killing and eating at least 30 people.

The couple allegedly skinned the victims alive after giving them high doses of sedatives. Following this, they ate body parts of the victims and stored some in deep freezer.

The couple, identified as Natalia Baksheeva and Dmitry Baksheev, was arrested from Krasnodar of Russia.

It was a mobile phone, found in a city street that led the investigators to the perpetrators of the heinous crime. The mobile phone had pictures of man eating parts of a human body.

The mobile phone was later tracked to the accused.

BBC reported that the couple had confessed to the crime, claiming that they had killed and eaten as many as 30 people. The couple had reportedly worked at a military base as well.



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