Counting process to be delayed for VVPAT tallying with EVMs


New Delhi: The election process of counting of votes will be delayed by a few hours as VVPAT (voter verified paper audit trail) slips will be tallied with EVMs.

The counting of votes will begin at 8:00 am sharp. The electronic voting machines (EVMs) will be opened up for 542 parliamentary constituencies where voting was held.

The fate of over 8,000 candidates will be known tomorrow. The counting of postal ballots will be taken up first.

According to sources, the picture normally gets clear by late afternoon, but this time the results are expected only by late evening.

For the first time in general election history of the country that EVM results will be matched with VVPAT slips. The exercise will be undertaken in five polling stations per Assembly seat.

Officials said this figure turns out to be some 10.3 lakh polling stations in total and EVM-VVPAT matching will be held in 20600 such stations.

An Election Commission official said a couple of hours will be spent on counting of postal ballots manually. The VVPAT slips will be counted in the end, he said.

The slips will be counted first and then matched with the EVM results. If there is a mismatch, VVPAT count will be considered as final.

Officials said the matching of EVM-VVPAT slips will consume an additional four to five hours.

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