Cool birthday cake design ideas for twins


Be it any type of celebration, cake marks as the essential part of every celebration, right from the birthday to anniversary, farewell to success party. When something is that important for a celebration then it must be the best one, isn’t it? People mostly get their cakes from the local bakery shops, and a few bake themselves, but they always repeat the design ideas and many times, they don’t really go with the celebration. Today, ordering cake online has become easier, convenient, and a great option. One can choose the cake as per the occasion, and one can also find a variety of designs for the kid’s birthday party to an adult one. Bakeway is one such online bakery shop from where you can select a design from many options. They have the best designs for every occasion and even for the person.

If you have twins in your family and their birthday is soon approaching, you must look out for the unique yet cool birthday designs for their birthday cake. If you don’t know what is trending then we are helping you out with sharing the best designs.

  • Superhero and Princess

If one of the twins is a girl and another one is a boy, then you have to take care of both the parties. What would be a great idea than bringing two favourite icons of both the kids in one cake? Yes, it can be done. You can choose and merge one of the favourite superhero characters of the boy and one favourite princess character of the girl. Both of them needs to be adjusted to the same cake and only a professional can do it, but the idea would be unbeatable.

  • Swing with the tree house

Every boy kid has this dream of owning a tree house where he can live in his imagination and so is the dream of every girl kid to have one swing in their garden. You can merge both these ideas together in one cake. It won’t be much complicated as the swing can be attached with the tree house.

  • Pirates and mermaids

Another two favourite characters of both the kids can be merged together and this time you can portray both of them as the part of the same world. You can keep the bottom part of the cake for mermaids while the pirates can sail on the top. Make the cake looks like a river with waves and a few fishes swimming with the mermaid.

  • Carnival

This is one of those designs that you can use for any of your kid’s birthday bash and not precisely for your twins. You can add many things in carnival cake design like popcorn, small clowns, and lollipop and get their names too.

Having both the twins of the same gender is not much of a problem as to a great extent their choices will be same. The problem always lies when you have twins of two different genders. They are like poles apart, but these birthday cake ideas won’t give them the chance to complain.

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