Contract signed for 16 Anti Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts for Navy


New Delhi: The Defence Ministry on Tuesday signed contracts worth Rs 6,311 crore for acquisition of 16 Anti Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Craft (ASW SWC) for Indian Navy.

The ministry has signed contracts for eight ships each from M/s CSL, Kochi and GRSE, Kolkata respectively. The delivery of ships is scheduled to commence from October 22, with two ships per year subsequently, by each shipyard.

In view of India’s vast coastline of 7516.6 kilometre with 12 Major ports, 184 minor ports and 1197 Island territories, coastal surveillance for ASW operations is considered critical.

Induction of these specialised ships with lower draught, would significantly enhance coastal shallow water Anti Submarine Warfare capability of the Indian Navy with improved performance of weapons, censors, hall mounted and towed Sonars.

Equipped with state-of-art indigenous Integrated Platform Management Systems, Propulsion, auxiliary, and PGD Machinery, these ships are capable of subsurface surveillance of coastal waters and lying of mines, making them a potent platform and adding another milestone to the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government of India.

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