Consecutive hike in fuel prices halts, rates kept unchanged


New Delhi: After a continuous surge in prices, petrol and diesel rates in Delhi have on Sunday finally come to a standstill.

However, diesel continues to be more expensive than petrol for the fifth day in a row, although the margin has narrowed down.

Petrol costs Rs 80.38 per litre in the national capital, whereas the price of diesel stands at Rs 80.40 per litre as of this morning.

Taxes form about two-thirds of the total retail selling price of petrol and diesel. On a litre of petrol, people pay Rs 50.69 or 64 per cent tax, including Rs 32.98 in central excise duty and Rs 17.71 as VAT. Similarly, diesel attracts 63 per cent or Rs 49.43 per litre as taxes, including Rs 31.83 as excise duty and Rs 17.60 as VAT.

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