Congress’ ‘Other Woman’ anecdote in Namo-Naveen politics


Bhubaneswasr: With Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several of other party leaders lauding praise on Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik a different political equation has sprung up in state which has been ridiculed by Congress with an Another Woman’ anecdote.

The BJP has not refuted any such developments while the BJD has abstained from making the issue any warmer.

After the demonetisation decision hit opposition from several political parties two of the major regional parties from Bihar and Odisha unanimously supported the move. Ever since the day its all praise for CM Patnaik.

Last month BJP President Amit Shah visited Odisha and heaped criticisms on BJD and its Supremo for being unable to develop the state in last 16 years of governance.

But afterwards BJP leaders none other than Finance Minister Arun Jaitely himself and Coal Minister Piyush Goyal made optimistic remarks on state government heaping commending Patnaik. Questions raised against Naveen Patnaik during Mahasangram rally by Amit Shah were answered by BJP leaders Jaitely and Goyal.

Later, praises for the BJD supremo also featured on Rajnath Singh’s UP rally. Amid all this CM Patnaik himself has also been very cordial of his visit to PM. There is a different sense of cooperation between both BJP and BJD as on one hand both parties are rallying up for fight up front but at high level of leaderships both have found a consensus.

Amid many reasons for the development one that has caught the eye more than anything else if the Presidential election. With the term of incumbent President Pranab Mukherjee about to end next year, BJP is aligning its aides for increasing its seat numbers. BJP led NDA does not have the necessary amount of MPs and MLAs to choice a candidate of its own. So it looks to garner support for the same and in such circumstances support from regional parties are a most. While parties like SP, JDU, JDS, TMC, NC, RJD, Left from have all lined up under the banner of Congress to fight out the BJP, some other parties like BJD, Bihar, Telangana become indispensable for ruling BJP.

But the Congress has mocked such an understanding between both BJD and BJP terming it as an ‘another woman’ anecdote. Opposition Chief Whip Tara Prasad Bahinipati said both BJD and BJP are like an ‘other woman’ who sometimes fight and other times become friends.

Meanwhile BJD Spokesperson Pratap Deb has said the development has no ground of reality. BJD has always kept equidistant from both BJD and BJP, he said.

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