Congress to focus on job creation if Rahul Gandhi becomes PM


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said he would focus on creation of more jobs if he were to become the prime minister of India.

He said he does not believe in purely “growth-centric” policies.

In response to a question during an online discussion with former US Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, a professor at the country’s Harvard Kennedy School, the Congress leader said he was not interested in 9 per cent economic growth if he does not see job numbers right next to it.

Gandhi alleged that BJP candidates are running around with voting machines in their cars in Assam. He said he is screaming at the top of his voice, but the national media is not there to listen to it.

The former Congress chief said that institutional structures like a fair judicial system, reasonably  free media and institutional structures that allow one to operate as a political party must be there. But, there is dearth of such things ,Gandhi added.

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