Congress Suspends 3 Jharkhand MLAs Caught With Cash


New Delhi: The three Jharkhand Congress MLAs who were detained in Bengal with a pile of cash yesterday have been suspended from the party with immediate effect, the grand old party announced today at a press conference.

The party earlier sought to link it with the BJP, saying that the three leaders were given money to make the state government fall.

The BJP, however, said the money is proof of corruption in the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha-Congress alliance government.

“We have information on everyone. In the coming days, be it any public representative, party’s office bearer, or any worker, whoever is found connected or involved in this, the party will take action against them,” said Avinash Pande, General Secretary and In-charge, Jharkhand Congress.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in Delhi, Mr Pande said Congress president Sonia Gandhi has suspended the three MLAs with immediate effect.

The MLAs — Irfan Ansari from Jamtara, Rajesh Kachhap from Khijri, and Naman Bixal Kongari from Kolebira — are being questioned by the Howrah Rural police about the source of the money.

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