Congress MLA Accused Of Humiliating Air India Staff For Missing Plane


New Delhi: Congress MLA Vinod Chandrakar has been accused of humiliating a female Air India staff at Raipur airport on August 7 after she did not allow him to board the plane as he reached airport late.

According to sources, the boarding pass of the MLA was taken out in advance at 17:36 hours. After repeated announcement five passengers did not board, subsequently at 18:30 hrs the flight door was closed.

After the departure of the flight, Vinod came in the check-in area and started shouting at the top of voice in public. He stated that he is MLA of Congress and grabbed the identity card of the female staff, added sources.

Responding to the allegations, Vinod said, “I am an MLA. I know how to behave with a person. I reached the airport at around 17:30 hrs.”

“I challenge the female staff of Air India if she can prove what she has alleged against me. I urge the AI administration to check CCTV footage of the airport,” Vinod added.

Meanwhile, Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar stated that Air India management has taken the matter seriously and ordered detailed inquiry. Further actions will be taken based on the final inquiry report, he added.

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