Communication Engineering systems strengthened in SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant to facilitate swifter reach of information


Rourkela: Under the current challenging conditions with respect to the Coronavirus when the scenario is changing very fast, facilitating the spread of information to every segment of employees has become immensely important.

Hence the Teleconferencing system of SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) through which the top management can reach out to every Head of the Department and important sectional heads at their offices, as well as homes, has been streamlined and intensified by the Communication Engineering Department on a swift and urgent basis.

Within a day or two, a system has been developed so that right from the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Directors to all Chief General Managers, all Heads of Departments and all the important Sectional Heads are connected either through Plant Control, Intercom or Mobile phone. The weak links have been revived and new connections were put in place on a rapid pace to meet the challenging situation.

As a result on 24th March, Mr. Dipak Chattaraj, CEO, RSP could reach out to all the key persons of the Plant at 10.30 PM in a short notice of less than an hour and communicate the Plant’s stance. This instant communication had a huge impact on clarifying a lot of doubts and eliminating the scope of miscommunications or communication-gaps.

Strengthening of the communication systems is also preventing the need for the physical presence of the employees in the meetings, thereby promoting social-distancing a vital requirement to prevent Coronavirus.

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