Commotion flares up at Lawyers’ National Conference in state


Bhubaneswar: Bar Council of India (BCI) Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra has been stopped in the mid of his speech delivery  at National Conference on Amendments to Advocate Act, 1961 organised by State Bar Council on Saturday.

The State Bar Council has been protesting by staging demonstration as the All India Protest Day against the Law Commission report on Advocates (Amendment) Act, 1961.

According to reports, Mishra, being invited by State Bar Council, was supposed to listen to the grievances of all members before delivering his speech, but he did the exact opposite which irked the members and a noisy scenario was witnessed at the meeting.

Sources said members of the 16 State Bar Councils attended the National Conference held in the city here.

Mishra, however, said the Lawyers here are only staging protest in order to oppose the Government.

“The Law Minister of the Government of India had clearly stated and assured all the lawyers that the Bills of Law Commission are not going to be implemented. There is no need of such protests”, Mishra added.

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