Commissionerate Police Warns People Against New Cyber Fraud Tactics


Bhubaneswar: This election season, citizens are being warned about a new method of cyber fraud. Fraudsters are reportedly calling individuals, asking them to update their Voter ID card details online. If anyone falls for this scam, their bank accounts will get drained

In an effort to protect people from these scams, the Commissionerate Police has urged the public to stay vigilant. Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh, in a video message, could be seen raising awareness about these fraudsters and their latest scheme.

According to DCP Singh, “Fraudsters are calling people to get their voter identity card details updated online. For this, they are charging fees. People are also getting messages informing them that a political party wants to recharge their pack and asking them to click a link provided. But, you should verify such calls and messages before acting on them.”

DCP Singh advised people to update or verify anything related to voting and voter ID card on the National Voters Service Portal only. He further added that any complaints about dubious calls or messages should be filed at or by dialing ‘1930’ or informing the cybercell police. He also strongly suggested not clicking on any random lucrative links.

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