Commissionerate Police Launches Doorstep FIR Service For Lockdown

Bhubaneswar: Twin City Commissionerate Police has launched doorstep FIR service in Bhubaneswar during the lockdown.

Bhubaneswar DCP, Umashankar Dash, said the cops will collect FIR from the complainants at their residences after receiving information through phone calls.

Dash said in the event of theft or anything where there is need to lodge a complaint, efforts will be made to file FIR, and complaint will be collected from the house straight away.

The copy of FIR copy will be dispatched to the complainant through WhatsApp or mail ID. The DCP said this is being done to ensure that there is few visits to the police station.

The DCP said that the complainant has to either dial 100 or the landline of the concerned police station or the CUG (Closed User Group) mobile number of the IIC of the concerned police station to avail of the service.

Dash said that 20 platoons of the police force, over 150 traffic constables, and 200 officers will be deployed in the city to enforce the lockdown. The Capital city has been divided into six zones and senior officers will monitor each zone shift-wise.

Dash said that certain people who are engaged in essential service, marriages, funerals, people going to themselves vaccinated and testing purposes, construction industry workers, agriculture workers have been exempted from the purview of the lockdown.

Those who have no document can dial 100 and get an e-assistance pass in the shape of SMS after convincing the officer about his/her essential work and can travel in the city.

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