Commissionerate Police Issue Fresh Guidelines For Holding Marriage, Funeral


Bhubaneswar: In view of an upsurge in Covid-19 cases in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, Commissionerate Police has issued a fresh set of guidelines for holding marriage and funeral related functions.

As per the new guidelines, marriage and its related functions could be organised only with prior permission from the local police stations. The local police station will grant approval if the maximum participation of persons is limited to 50.

Local police will ensure that under no circumstances more than 50 persons participate in the marriage function. Besides, there will be no marriage procession.

Persons with influenza like infection and severe acute respiratory infection will not be allowed to the marriage venue or function. However, vulnerable group of people like elderly persons above 65 years, pregnant woman and children below 10 years have been advised not to attend the function.

The Commissionerate Police also laid emphasis on following COVID appropriate behaviour such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing of 2 metres. Chewing of tobacco products has been strictly prohibited.

The host of the marriage functions will ensure elaborate arrangements for hand sanitization, seating and dining observing physical distancing of 2 metres and adherence to all the guidelines.

Similarly, the number of persons participating in the funeral function including the family members, relatives, friends, priests, drivers and staff of vehicles and others taken together shall not exceed 20.

At least 2-metre physical distance shall be maintained between individuals in the funeral function.

The seating and dining arrangement shall be done in such a way that at least a 2-metre physical distance is maintained between individuals.

All persons participating in funeral function shall mandatorily use face mask during the entire period of activities except during eating and bathing.

Chewing of gutka and paan and spitting in public is strictly prohibited. The host of the funeral function shall ensure adherence to this.

No vehicle used in the procession shall carry persons beyond its seating capacity.

The hosts of the funeral ceremony will ensure an elaborate arrangement for handwashing with soap and water and also ensure the availability of hand sanitisers.

It will be the responsibility of the host of the funeral function to ensure that the provisions of these guidelines are strictly followed including the ceiling on the num of persons to attend the funeral ceremony.

The owner/manager of the funeral function shall also be held responsible for ensuring the guidelines in the premises and liable for legal action in case of any violation.

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