CoA doubles daily allowance of Indian cricketers on overseas tours


Mumbai: The Committee of Administrators (CoA) have decided to reward the players by doubling their daily allowance when on tour on the foreign soil.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, the CoA has decided to double the daily allowances of the Indian players when the team is travelling overseas.

The members of the Indian cricket team are now set to get double the amount that they earlier used to get as a daily allowance on the away tours. The team and the coaching staff, as per the report, will now get a daily allowance of $250 (Rs 17,799.30). Earlier, it was $125 (Rs 8,899.65). However, there will not be any change in pay when the team is playing at home.

The CoA has increased the daily allowance from $125 (Rs 8,899.65) to $250 (Rs 17,799.30) and also increased the players’ per diem during home international series.

Earlier, the Indian players were allowed INR worth $100 daily, daily, but due to the unstable economy at present, the overseers have decided to fix the allowance at Rs 7500 flat with no linking to the dollar-INR value fluctuations.

Not only the pay has been raised for the players, but the selectors have also been benefitted with the CoA increasing their per diem as well. Their daily home allowance, which was INR 3500 has now been fixed to INR 7500 and they are already being paid $250 per day for overseas tours.

These allowance benefits have been extended to the Indian women’s team as well.

Notably, the new allowances are beside the match fees that BCCI gives to the players. For a Test match, a player fetches Rs 15 lakh, for an ODI Rs 6 lakh and for a T20I Rs 3 lakh. For those not in the playing XI, they are also entitled to annual retainer fees according to their contracts (Rs 7 cr for A+, Rs 5 cr for A, Rs 3 cr for B and Rs 1 cr for C Grade).

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