CM Mohan Majhi Witnesses Gajanan Besha of Chaturdhamurti at Snana Bedi

Puri: Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi Saturday reached Puri Srimandir to witness the Gajanana Besha (Hati Besha) of Chaturdhamurti after the ceremonial bathing rituals on Snana Bedi.

As per reports, the Odisha CM, accompanied by his wife, took an EV auto-rickshaw from Jagannath Ballav Parking and alighted from the vehicle near the West Gate of Srimandir St 8.25 in the evening.CM Mohan Majhi Witnesses Gajanan Besha

Chief Secretary PK Jena, SJTA chief administrator Vir Vikram Yadav and servitors accorded a warm welcome to Chief Minister Majhi and escorted him inside the temple for darshan

After a glimpse of the rare and mesmerising Gajanana Besha of the Holy Trinity along with Lord Sudarshan on the ‘Snana Mandap’ or holy bathing altar at Srimandir, Chief Minister Majhi visited the temples of other deities inside Srimandir for darshan.

Chief Minister Majhi was also accompanied by former Brahmagiri MLA Lalitendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra, Pipili MLA Ashrit Pattnayak, and former Puri MLA Jayant Kumar Sarangi were also present.

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