CM Bhagwant Mann Moves Resolution In Assembly Seeking Immediate Transfer Of Chandigarh To Punjab


Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Friday moved a resolution in the state Assembly seeking immediate transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab.

Moving the resolution in a special one-day session, Mann said Punjab was reorganised through the Punjab Reorganisation Act of 1966, wherein Punjab was reorganised into the state of Haryana, Union Territory of Chandigarh and some parts of Punjab were given to the then Union Territory of Himachal Pradesh.

The resolution requested the Central government to honour the principles of federalism enshrined in the Constitution and not to take any steps which may disturb the balance in the administration of Chandigarh and that of other common assets like the BBMB (Bhakra Beas Management Board).

“For maintaining harmony and taking the sentiments of people into account, this House once again recommends to the state government to raise the matter with Central government to immediately transfer Chandigarh to Punjab,” according to the resolution moved by CM Mann in the House.

“Chandigarh City was created as the capital of Punjab,” it said, adding, “In all past precedents, whenever, a state has been divided, the capital remains with the parent state. Punjab, therefore, has been laying its claim for complete transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab,” it said.

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